MREI is an academic powerhouse. Excellence in teaching, research and community service is what drives our community of scholars every day. We’re proud of our successful alumni and honored to nurture the future generation of scientists.

Located in uptown Faridabad, with a view that captures the breathtaking beauty and verdant expanse, our campus is a haven of natural splendor. Green space is bountiful and the campus is well laid out and easily accessible. The institutions are housed in architecturally-pleasing buildings on campus.

We provide the best opportunity to become a professional. With an emphasis on critical thinking skills, our solid curriculum can prepare students for the professions in India or abroad. We are proud to offer top-notch academic programmers.  Future program  growth and development is facilitated via the important research and teaching partnerships we have formed with like-minded law institutions across the globe.

Our students are well positioned for success given our proximity and approach to corporates. Our faculty is among the finest scholars, and their work is cited by one and all. Our staff is the epitome of professionalism. Our students continue to be exemplars of the values of leadership and social commitment that have laid at the core of our ethos since our foundation.

Moreover, we offer opportunities where students can earn academic credit and experience in placements. Finally, our academic programmers expose students to scholars from around the world and also allow them to engage in a variety of internships. Our professional undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to inspire our students to excel and to contribute meaningfully to their societies.

Welcome! This is an exciting time. It is a time of change, challenge and success for faculty, students, alumni and friends alike! Whether you’re looking to begin a degree or expand on an existing one, I encourage you to join MREI.

Dr. Prashant Bhalla
President MREI